Nov 7, 2017 - Economy

Most oppose government regulating tech like media

A majority of Americans across political ideologies do not feel that the federal government should regulate large social media platforms (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) that display but don't produce content the way the government regulates media companies, according to the latest Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.

Data: SurveyMonkey poll conducted Nov. 2 to Nov. 3; Chart: Axios Visuals

Why it matters: Fake news hype hasn't convinced the public that large tech companies should be held accountable for the information that is distributed on their platforms, even though more people are getting news and information from those companies and more people continue to take real-life action as a result of misinformation being promoted on the platform.Per Pew, about 1/4 of all U.S. adults get news from two or more social media sites, up from 15% in 2013 and 18% in 2016. And just under half (45%) of U.S. adults use Facebook for news. Even more telling, of the 45% of Facebook news users, around half say they get their news from that social media network alone.

Methodology: The poll was conducted online by SurveyMonkey on Nov. 2 and 3 with a 5,503 person sample and a modeled error estimate of plus or minus two percentage points. Data have been weighted for age, race, sex, education, and geography using the Census Bureau's American Community Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the United States age 18 and over. Crosstabs available here.

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