Aug 7, 2017 - Technology

Kenya worries about fake news ahead of tomorrow's election

Ben Curtis / AP

Kenya heads to the polls tomorrow to select its president, vice president, and members of Parliament, but the country is worried about the influence of fake news and unconfirmed reporting — especially after disputes following its last two elections left hundreds dead, per the NYT's Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura:

  • Some hazy stories swirling around Election Day: Kenya's head of voting technology was found dead with signs of torture, the military apparently confirmed a document that planned to rig the election for current President Uhuru Kenyatta, and allegations that Kenyatta planned a military raid on the opposition's vote counting centers.
  • By the numbers: A nationwide poll said that 33 percent of Kenyans have "little" to "no trust" in the commission overseeing the election.
  • The big issues: Creeping inflation, cost of living, and unemployment — all exacerbated by ethnic splits that Kenyans worry might contribute to violence.
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