Feb 26, 2017 - Technology

Inside the Snap anomaly

Snap's IPO prompts the L.A. Times' Nina Agrawal to dive deep on an anomaly about the company: It has no headquarters building or campus, but instead sprawls among bungalows on or near Venice Beach, just north of LAX.

  • From Snap's filing: "This diffuse structure may prevent us from fostering positive employee morale and encouraging social interaction among our employees and different business units. ...[W]e may be unable to adequately oversee employees and business functions.'"
  • "In an era when companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple have created an expectation that tech firms will offer sprawling corporate campuses with gyms, chefs preparing organic food and massage services on site, Snap's scattered layout could strengthen its brand as an outsider. ... Snap has ... 2,000 employees; Google has some 60,000."
  • Snap culture: "Workers take shuttles or walk between offices, which some say has deepened their desire to volunteer locally. They can eat at beachside cafes and support local businesses, thanks to Snap vouchers. And then there's the aura. 'Venice is younger and grittier.'"
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