Jan 26, 2017 - Health

Here's the HHS "gag order"

There's been a lot of coverage of alleged "gag orders" that the Trump administration has issued to employees at various federal agencies, and now the one to Department of Health and Human Services employees has been released. It was included in a letter to the White House from two top House Democrats, Frank Pallone and Elijah Cummings, demanding that the administration reverse that order and others.

Here's the key language:

No correspondence to public officials (e.g., Members of Congress, Governors) or containing interpretations or statements of Department regulations or policy, unless specifically authorized by me or my designee, shall be sent between now and February 3, during which time you will have the opportunity to brief President Trump's appointees and designees on any such correspondence which might be issued.

In a letter to White House counsel Donald McGahn, the Democrats charge that the memos violate federal whistleblower protection laws. We've reached out to the administration for comment, and will keep you posted.

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