Aug 4, 2017 - Health

GOP donor sues over failed ACA repeal

Alex Brandon / AP

A retired Virginia Beach attorney is so angry that Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act that he's suing the GOP for raising millions of dollars campaigning on a pledge that they knew they wouldn't be able to fulfill, per The Virginian-Pilot. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court Thursday by 70-year-old Bob Heghmann.

  • It claims that the GOP "has been engaged in a pattern of Racketeering which involves massive fraud perpetrated on Republican voters and contributors as well as some Independents and Democrats."
  • Heghmann said he wants Republicans to either give campaign donors their money back or ramp up pressure on lawmakers to repeal the law.
  • Why it matters: Not every Republican donor is going to sue for their money back, of course. But the lawsuit speaks to a real danger for Republicans: Other donors may stop giving money.
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