May 12, 2017 - Technology

Google's Allo can now create cartoon-like characters of you


Google's messaging app Allo has unveiled its newest interactive feature: automated technology that can create a Bitmoji-like illustration based on your selfie.

How it works: The user takes a selfie, and Google's neural network gets to work. The algorithm pinpoints the "qualitative features" of the user's face — such as hair style and eye color — then pulls from more than 563 quadrillion combinations to create a cartoon-like version of the user.

Thinking ahead: Google said in its announcement that it hopes to expand the feature's capabilities in the future and eventually create a "pack" of different styles. "This first style that launched today speaks to your sarcastic side but the next pack might be more cute for those sincere moments. Then after that, maybe they'll turn you into a dog," said Jennifer Daniel, Allo's Expressions Creative Director. The feature is currently only available on Android, but it should make its iOS debut "soon."

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