May 15, 2017 - Technology

Google partners with Audi and Volvo to take Android deeper into cars



Google announced Monday it is working with automakers Audi and Volvo to have Android power the in-car entertainment systems on some new car models. Google already had a tie in to the car with Android Auto, but it has long been working to get its operating system deeper into the electronics of a car. The companies will show off early concepts at this week's Google I/O conference in Mountain View, Calif.

The background: Android Auto and Apple's CarPlay both allow the mobile operating systems to take over an in-care entertainment system, but neither power that electronics system itself. Last year Google confirmed it wanted carmakers to start using Android to power their in-car electronics systems. Some carmakers, such as Honda, had already been using the open source version of Android for infotainment systems, but Volvo and Audi are the first to announce their use of the official Google version.

Why it matters: Taking control of the in-car entertainment system serves as a beachhead for a broader play in cars and could give a big boost to Google services.

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