Mar 27, 2017 - Health

Freedom Caucus: We helped Trump by rejecting Trumpcare

Evan Vucci / AP

Alysaa Farah, spokeswoman for the Freedom Caucus, launched a Tweetstorm Monday outlining "a few AHCA" thoughts in a series of 9 tweets:

"If you're writing the Freedom Caucus killed the AHCA, you're ignoring a dozen + moderates who were 'Nos' - including a Committee Chairman... any1 familiar w/ Cap Hill knows the public # of moderate "no's" was likely a fraction of those that'd be no once the bill started going down... From the get-go, this bill lacked the coalition support needed: everyone from Heritage to Club 4 Growth to AARP opposed the AHCA... There is no excuse for Republicans passing a plan that fails to bring down premiums ASAP. That is our obligation. Period... 'Governing' doesn't mean passing bad policy. The AHCA was poorly rolled out, pushed thru on an artificial deadline & bad 4 American families... By failing to undo large portions of Obamacare, the AHCA would've made the GOP complicit in further entrenching the disaster of Obamacare... Politically, the GOP should thank the cons & mods who helped stop this bill 4 not sending them in midterms w/ higher premiums under AHCA... The HFC roots for Trump's success. The group could not in good conscience send him into '20 reelection w/back-to-back yrs of higher premiums."

Quick take: Farah argues that the Freedom Caucus didn't kill the GOP's Obamacare replacement plan. Rather, it helped prevent a bad healthcare bill from further entrenching "the disaster of Obamacare," and the GOP should thank those who prevented it from becoming law.

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