May 1, 2017 - Politics & Policy

EPA workers stick up for their jobs

Teresa Crawford / AP

The Chicago Tribune's front page spotlights protests by EPA employees about planned Trump budget cuts, with local workers hoping that educating the public on cleanup jobs may save some jobs:

  • "At the EPA's Chicago office, which oversees the agency's work in six states around the Great Lakes, employees have participated in rallies protesting Trump's policies, organized a social media campaign and showed up at community forums to promote what they do for a living."
  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — who as Oklahoma attorney general sued the EPA 14 times — "is proposing to cut grants that finance state environmental programs by 45 percent."
  • "[T]he EPA has always been unpopular in some quarters. The agency ... draws criticism from groups that feel the EPA moves too slowly or succumbs to political pressure."

Why it matters: "People in places like Flint [Mich.] still look to the EPA for help."

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