Mar 9, 2017 - Health

Energy and Commerce Obamacare markup hits the 24-hour mark

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Time for a check-in with the House Energy and Commerce Committee markup of its Obamacare replacement bill. Here's what's happening after 24 hours:

  • There are lots of cups of coffee. Also, lots of committee members rubbing their eyes.
  • A couple of Republican committee members got angry at Democratic Rep. Ben Lujan for introducing an amendment to protect veterans' health care. "Disgusting" to suggest Republicans don't care about veterans, Rep. Markwayne Mullin told Lujan. "Let me ask you: You ever been shot at?"
  • Committee chairman Greg Walden advised everyone to chill, using his best Dad voice: "I appreciate that we've all been here for nearly 24 hours, and tempers are fraying, and we're all a little tired here."
  • Along the way, they have voted down some Democratic amendments, including measures to protect Obamacare's "essential health benefits" in state Medicaid plans and get rid of the "continuous coverage" provision in the GOP bill that would penalize people who don't stay insured.
  • Also, the veterans' amendment failed.
  • They're still going.
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