Mar 18, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Donald Trump Jr. goes into the wild

Jonathan Hayward / The Canadian Press via AP

The NYT's Laura Holson has a profile of Donald Trump Jr. that explores his relationships with his father and the outdoors. Described by a longtime friend as "the more chill version of any of the kids," Don Jr.'s worldview seems shaped more by the forest of his grandfather's Czech Republic than Fifth Avenue.

  • Hunting as family: "In our family, if you weren't competitive you didn't eat. You had to fight for what you wanted."
  • Hunting as solace: "I know that the benefits I got from being in the woods…kept me out of so much other trouble I would have gotten into in my life"
  • Hunting as politicking: "Too much of hunting has turned into the notion of the kill. It's a component, the meat. But so much is experiential, so much is relationships."
  • Hunting as authenticity: "For some people — you see that in New York a lot — they go hunting once every other year and they talk about it at a cocktail party for the next two years until they do it again. For me, it is the way I choose to live my life."
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