Jul 6, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Democratic Party recruits 20 military vets to run for office

Andres Kudacki / AP

Roughly 20 military veterans have announced they are planning to run as Democrats for the House of Representatives next year — a result of a push by the Democratic Party to win back the 24 seats needed to secure the House majority in the Midterm elections, reports The New York Times.

Although most of the vets were recruited by the party, many told NYT they feel it's their duty to run for office, as they believe Trump's policies threaten the nation's values and national security. Specifically, they cited Trump's approach to foreign policy (his willingness to dismiss allies and embrace adversaries) and his decision to leave many State Department posts vacant months after his inauguration.

The goal: Democrats hope that military candidates will be a refreshing contrast to established career politicians, as well as strengthen the notion that the party will take a stricter stance on national security.

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