Feb 24, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Coming attraction: the "Shadow Cabinet"

Mike Allen

Evan Vucci / AP

Coming Monday — from VERY well-known names in Democratic politics, progressive activism, and academia — an effort to rebut Trump Administration tweets, statements and actions in real time:

Said a source behind the movement: "@ShadowingTrump is a 'Shadow Cabinet' of policy experts debunking POTUS 45 and his appointees ... Sort of an online 'Justice League.' ... [W]e'll be a comprehensive, one-portal stop of 'Citizen Secretaries' — ex-officials and scholars who will comment agency-by-agency ... on issues both in headlines & within the bureaucracy."

From the pitch: "Please follow us on Twitter ... unless you think everything is ok."

The "Shadow Cabinet" Twitter feed is locked until Monday.

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