Mar 8, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Breitbart breaks with Bannon, White House

Evan Vucci / AP

Business Insider has a look inside the events leading up to Breitbart's savaging of the American Health Care Act and the steps taken by the White House to keep the publication's Washington editor, Matt Boyle, on their side.

  • Tensions between Boyle and Steve Bannon ratcheted up after Breitbart published articles critical of Reince Priebus. After Bannon asked Boyle to let up on Priebus, Boyle began telling people that Bannon was guilty of "treason," per BI's sources.
  • The spat led the White House to offer Boyle increased access, including a radio interview with Sean Spicer and an Oval Office interview with President Trump.
  • It didn't work. Boyle to Breitbart staffers in a Slack message yesterday as the website began unloading on the AHCA, "We are Breitbart. This is war. There are no sacred cows in war."
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