Jul 12, 2017 - Technology

Apple's latest health and fitness push

Apple proved it's committed to making health a significant driver of phone and watch sales at a meeting in LA on Tuesday.

Inside look: Apple showed a handful of reporters an extensive demo of the latest health and fitness efforts, both its own and those from third-party developers, as well as a look at some of the first fitness machines that tap a beta version of GymKit to sync data in real-time between exercise gear and an Apple Watch.

Secret lab: The company also offered a few details on a top-secret health and fitness lab it has been running on its campus for the past few years. Apple director of fitness Jay Blahnik said the company has amassed 33,000 hours of data on how people run, walk, cycle, swim and even how they sit.

What's most interesting: The efforts that remain secret, especially on the health front where things often involve lengthy regulatory approvals.

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