Aug 31, 2017 - Technology

Apple to FCC: Don't allow 'fast lanes' on the internet

Alan Diaz / AP

Apple told the Federal Communications Commission that it doesn't care what legal structure it uses to protect open internet rules, "but only if they provide for strong, enforceable, and legally sustainable protections, like those in place today."

  • No fast lanes: Apple focused its comments on the need for rules that allow consumers to reach all lawful online content, including banning ISPs from creating fast lanes.
  • "Lifting the current ban on paid prioritization arrangements could allow broadband providers to favor the transmission of one provider's content or services (or the broadband provider's own online content or services) over other online content," Apple said.
  • Why it matters: This is the first time Apple has formally weighed into this FCC proceeding, which asks for comments on Chairman Pai's plan to roll back the current net neutrality rules. This joins Apple with other tech heavyweights — including Google, Facebook, Netflix and Amazon — in lobbying for strong rules, including a ban no fast lanes, just as the legislative negotiations on this front also start to heat up.
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