Jun 20, 2017

Apple fires latest salvo in big patent fight with Qualcomm


Apple is updating its lawsuit against Qualcomm on Tuesday with even more vitriol, and several new legal claims too. The amended complaint, being filed today, adds dozens of new pages, but here are three of the biggest changes.

  1. Apple updated the suit to reflect the Supreme Court ruling in a case involving Lexmark. Apple alleges Qualcomm is seeking to be compensated twice for the same patents in selling chips and simultaneously seeking royalties for patents embodied in those chips, which Apple maintains runs contrary to the court's holdings in Lexmark.
  2. It asked the court to throw out Qualcomm's counterclaims that Apple has interfered with the company's contracts and harmed its ability to profit from its chip innovation.
  3. Apple detailed more of the Qualcomm patents it believes are at issue in the dispute and asked the court to declare them either invalid, not infringed by Apple, covered by the purchase of chips or all of the above.
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