Apr 17, 2017 - Politics & Policy

All you need to know about the iron loyalty of Trump voters

Mike Allen

Andrew Harnik / AP

From the heart of Trump country, Craig Gilbert writes in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Trump's election did more than change the expectations of Republicans and Democrats about the economy's future performance. It altered their assessments of the economy's actual performance."

  • The numbers: "When GOP voters in Wisconsin were asked last October whether the economy had gotten better or worse 'over the past year,' they said 'worse' — by a margin of 28 points. But when they were asked the very same question last month, they said 'better' — by a margin of 54 points. That's a net swing of 82 percentage points between late October 2016 and mid-March 2017."
  • What it means: "What changed so radically in those four and a half months? The economy didn't. But the political landscape did."
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