Apr 6, 2017 - Politics & Policy

ACLU: Government has no reason to unmask anti-Trump Twitter account



Twitter isn't the only one challenging the U.S. government's effort to unmask the person behind an anti-Trump twitter account. The ACLU has said it is representing the person behind that account and praised Twitter for fighting the government's move. Here's what ACLU attorney Nathan Freed Wessler had to say on the matter, in a statement to Axios:

The right to anonymously speak out against the government is clearly protected by the First Amendment. We are pleased to see Twitter standing up for its users' rights, and the ACLU will soon be filing documents in court on behalf of this user. To unmask an anonymous speaker online, the government must have a strong justification. But in this case the government has given no reason at all, leading to concerns that it is simply trying to stifle dissent.

The ACLU has said it will soon file papers in the case. Twitter has already filed its objections as part of a lawsuit challenging the government's position.

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