Mar 15, 2017 - Economy & Business

7 Obamacare lessons for the GOP on health care reform

Sarah Kliff and Ezra Klein at Vox laid out the lessons Republicans can take away from the construction of Obamacare to help their quest to build Trumpcare. But since you probably don't have time to read 9,000+ words…

  1. In health policy, every tweak is always going to create a winner and a loser.
  2. Any serious and lasting changes to health policy are going to require 60 votes in the Senate.
  3. Any party that tweaks the health system has to be ready to become both a savior and boogeyman.
  4. People love the status quo when it comes to their health insurance, so changes must be incremental and transparent.
  5. The private sector can help, but it can also decide that it no longer wants to play ball.
  6. Americans want health care to personally cost less for them — they're much less concerned about overall costs.
  7. Focus on bringing down medical prices; that's the key to bring down premiums and deductibles.

Their parting message for the GOP: "Don't overpromise and don't mislead."

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