Feb 3, 2017 - Politics & Policy

3 front page stories from Trump's America


Brynn Anderson / AP

"At least he's DOING something. Washington never DOES anything."

Rock-solid support from Trump's base is likely to keep his national numbers from collapsing even as he weathers withering coverage on the coasts. Newspapers, trying to make up for their pre-election blind spots, are sending reporters to obscure datelines to talk to Trump voters, and three front-pagers in three days tell an identical story:

  • Seattle Times today, "Supporters: Trump is just doing what he promised": "They don't get the hubbub. He won. And he's doing exactly what he said he would do."
  • WashPost yesterday, "Trump backers like his early moves," from Accident, Md.: "Critics are unfairly exaggerating the effect of Trump's executive orders and complaining without giving him a fair chance, supporters say, just as critics blew some of his comments and jokes out of proportion during the campaign."
  • Boston Globe on Wednesday, "Trump voters say clamor clouds one fact: He delivers": "This was what they voted for."
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