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Poll shows young people believe Trump is unfit for office

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump preparing to speak to Republican lawmakers. Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

A majority of young people feel President Donald Trump is unfit for office, according to an AP-NORC/MTV poll. Trump has a 33% approval rating among Americans between ages 15 and 34 and a majority of them feel he "is a racist," "generally dishonest" and "mentally unfit" to be president.

Why it matters: Traditionally, younger people have lower voter turnout in midterm elections; In 2014, only 20 percent of 18-29 year olds cast ballots. But young people's dissatisfaction could motivate them to vote against the GOP this fall.

Axios 9 hours ago
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Khorri Atkinson 1 hour ago
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Generation Z's next battleground: lowering the voting age

Students walking out on the 19th anniversary of Columbine
Tens of thousands participate in the March for Our Lives Rally. Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

Washington, D.C. is on the verge of becoming the first major U.S. city to allow people as young as 16 to vote in local and federal elections, including for president — under a proposal that has gotten support from a majority of the District’s council and the mayor.

Why it matters: Lowering the voting age to 16 from 18 is a direct attempt to capitalize on the post-millennial generation’s brewing political activism and power that have been radically heightened by the country’s increasingly polarized climate.