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White House: Trump won't give up on health care bill

Andrew Harnik / AP

White House policy chief Marc Short said Wednesday that the Trump administration is confident they can pass the health bill, and that they are fully committed to repealing and replacing the ACA. He then proceeded to call the GOP holdouts' bluff, "If you're saying that you're not willing to move to the bill... then all of the campaign promises that you made were hollow." HIghlights from the off-camera briefing:

Marc Short:

  • What does Trump want? "His preference is the Senate bill as it is constructed right now," said Short, adding that Trump will not give up if the health bill doesn't pass next week.
  • Timing: "The president encouraged Senators to not leave town until a health care bill is presented to him."
  • Will Trump not support Senators who don't support the bill? "There's not a sense of a veiled threat. The president is pretty direct in his words."