Mar 11, 2020 - Politics & Policy

It's been a year since the last daily White House press briefing

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The last daily White House press briefing was held one year ago — on March 11, 2019, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was still President Trump's press secretary.

Why it matters: It's a significant milestone that is emblematic of the erosion of traditional norms regarding interactions between the White House and the press corps under the Trump administration.

  • White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has yet to take the podium since assuming her position in July.
  • She told ABC News in September that "President Trump communicates directly with the American people more than any president in history. The fact that the White House press corps can no longer grandstand on TV is of no concern to us."

Worth noting: Trump administration officials have been at the podium in the briefing room since the last daily briefing took place — including the president himself.

  • There have been regular on-camera updates from Vice President Pence and his coronavirus task force since its formation in late February.
  • Perhaps most memorably, former acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said at the podium in October that freezing military aid to Ukraine was conditioned on investigations of political rivals. He was later forced to walk those comments back in the midst of impeachment heat against the president.
  • And Trump had long made himself available to the press with his "chopper talk" gaggles as he exited or entered the White House, though those events have decreased in frequency in recent months.

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Member of White House press corps suspected to have contracted COVID-19

Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

A journalist in the White House press corps is suspected to have contracted COVID-19, White House Correspondents Association president Jon Karl announced Monday.

Why it matters: The daily press briefings held by the White House's coronavirus task force often see reporters and public officials sharing tight spaces that may violate the CDC's guidance for large gatherings.

Pence tells White House staff to avoid physical contact

Mike Pence. Photo: Win McNamee / Getty Images

Vice President Mike Pence sent White House staff an email Saturday afternoon recommending "social distancing" and to "avoid physical contact" to keep themselves and their colleagues safe from the novel coronavirus.

Why it matters: This is the first staff-wide email Pence has sent across the complex during his time as vice president — and is the latest sign the White House is shifting its posture against the pandemic.

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Trump's coronavirus briefings see big audiences. Some argue that's bad

Photo: MandelL Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

President Trump's daily White House novel coronavirus task force briefings are attracting record viewership, but some critics say TV news networks shouldn't air them because he and administration officials have dispensed misinformation about COVID-19.

Why it matters: Live briefings can be difficult for networks to fact-check in real time. Critics argue that airing the press events unfiltered on a daily basis will mislead the public about the pandemic, putting Americans' health and safety at risk.

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