May 5, 2017

We asked experts about genetic screening for cancer

Rebecca Zisser / Axios

Genetic mutations can trigger cancer. This simple statement is one of the most profound discoveries in medicine to date.

Some of the changes in our DNA are inherited from our parents. Others occur over the course of our lives and as a product of our lifestyle and environment. The interplay between our genes, our surroundings and our choices is complicated but at its core suggests we can guide ourselves to health by knowing our genetic information.

If that's the case, should we all race out and have our genes read? Oncologists and cancer geneticists gave us their thoughts on that question and what you can actually do with knowledge about your genes.

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The polarized pandemic election

A Trump supporter protests Pennsylvania's stay-at-home order, during a May 15 rally outside the Capitol in Harrisburg. Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

President Trump is going all-in on pushing for a rapid, robust return to normal life, creating a visual, visceral contrast with Joe Biden and other Democrats who are more reticent to rip the masks off.

The state of play: Business friends have been urging Trump from the beginning to keep the lockdowns short. He's listening more and more.

Tech's long hot summer of antitrust

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Google, Facebook and other tech giants face a summer of regulatory grilling as long-running investigations into potential anticompetitive practices likely come to a head.

The big picture: Probes into the power of Big Tech launched by federal and state authorities are turning a year old, and observers expect action in the form of formal lawsuits and potentially damning reports — even as the companies have become a lifeline for Americans during the pandemic lockdown.

Palantir CEO hits Silicon Valley "monoculture," may leave California

Palantir is "getting close" to a decision on whether to move the company out of California, CEO Alex Karp said in an interview for "Axios on HBO."

The state of play: "We haven't picked a place yet, but it's going to be closer to the East Coast than the West Coast. ... If I had to guess, I would guess something like Colorado."