Uber's first employee and original CEO resigns

Ryan Graves, Uber's first employee and original CEO, has resigned from his current post as VP of operations, according to an email sent to employees on Thursday and obtained by Axios.

  • Despite stepping down from an operational role, Graves will remain on Uber's board of directors, which has been searching for a new CEO since the June resignation of Travis Kalanick.
  • Graves wrote in reference to the company's current search for a CEO: "My hope is that ensuring my transition is known and planned for well before our board's decision on CEO it will help to make it clear to our team and to our new leader that I will be there to support however I can."
  • This is a bit surprising given that Uber sources had recently referred to Graves as re-engaged in Uber operations, after having been viewed as largely absent in the months leading up to Kalanick's resignation.