Uber's autonomous cars have driven 1 million miles

In this Monday, Sept. 12, 2016, file photo, a self-driving Uber sits ready to take journalists for a ride during a media preview in Pittsburgh. Photo: Gene J. Puskar/AP

A year ago today, Uber began to offer rides to Pittsburgh passengers in a fleet of its self-driving cars. Since then, it has expanded this test program to Tempe, Ariz. and has also put some non-passenger cars in San Francisco.

  • To date, Uber's self-driving cars have raked in 1 million miles in autonomous mode (including passenger trips and testing) since the company opened its Advanced Technologies Group 2.5 years ago. This is a bit tricky to put into context as not all companies disclose the number of miles driven with the same time and location parameters, but here's a sampling of testing in California in 2016.
  • Uber's cars have completed 30,000 passenger trips in the past year in Pittsburgh and Tempe/Phoenix.