Trump rails against James Comey, FBI for "Spygate"

President Donald Trump's hair blows in the wind while he speaks to reporters and gestures with his hands
President Trump speaks to the media on the South Lawn. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Trump told reporters Wednesday that the White House has named the speculation surrounding whether the FBI planted an informant into the Trump campaign in 2016 "Spygate," adding that "there has never been anything like it in the history of our country ... [Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper sort of admitted they had spies in the campaign. I hope it is not true but looks like it is."

Reality check: Clapper told ABC's "The View" Tuesday that the FBI "were not" spying on the Trump campaign. "They were spying on, a term I don’t particularly like, but on what the Russians were doing. Trying to understand were the Russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage or influence, which is what they do.”