David Nather Mar 1, 2017
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Trump lays out his guide to Obamacare replacement

Alex Brandon / AP

President Trump laid out his ideas for replacing Obamacare in his speech to Congress Tuesday night — and while most of it tracked with congressional Republicans' plans, he threw in a few twists of his own.

It wasn't detailed enough to be called a proposal, but Trump outlined enough principles to give a general idea of what he wants. He got more specific on some issues than he has in the past, like calling for tax credits — a nudge to conservative Republicans who don't like the idea. Another big change: he called for reducing drug costs, but didn't say how — glossing over the differences he has had with his Republican colleagues in the past.

He also signaled that he wants Congress to include tort reform — an issue he hasn't talked about much before, and a longtime Republican idea that has been sidelined in its latest health care proposals. Read on for the health care highlights of his speech.