Bob Herman May 25, 2017
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Trinity Health says more hospital admissions are better

Trinity Health slide deck

Top executives at Trinity Health heralded to investors this week that hospitalizations at their $16 billion national Catholic hospital system are on the rise, according to a slide deck obtained by Axios. Trinity CEO Dr. Richard Gilfillan and others were presenting at the annual Citi not-for-profit health care conference. An arrow along the slide's Y axis proclaims that when it comes to hospital admissions, "higher is better."

Why this matters: Hospital leaders publicly extol the concept of "value-based care," which includes keeping patients out of the hospital and focusing more on outpatient and preventive care. Experts agree it's better and safer for people to receive care in other settings when appropriate, and fewer inpatient services saves money.

Trinity's slide reveals a "weird disconnect," according to health economist Austin Frakt, but also reveals some truth-telling at a bank conference: Hospitals still want to fill beds with patients as often as they can.