Dec 11, 2019

Treasury staffer resigns after mother's guilty plea in college admissions scandal

Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Treasury Department staffer James Littlefair has resigned after his mother pleaded guilty as part of the ongoing college admissions scandal sweeping up affluent families across the country, Politico reports.

What we know: Littlefair joined the Treasury in 2017 and worked under Secretary Steven Mnuchin before leaving the department this month. His mother, Karen Littlefair, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud to help her son earn enough credits to graduate from Georgetown University.

  • Prosecutors say Littlefair's mother paid the man at the center of the admissions scandal, William "Rick" Singer, $9,000 to arrange for someone to take four online courses for her son at Georgetown and Arizona State University.
  • Littlefair previously worked as part of the national advance team on President Trump's 2016 campaign and as an event coordinator on Trump's inaugural committee.

Littlefair himself has not been charged with a crime. A spokesperson for Georgetown said an honor council "will investigate and adjudicate the case and may recommend sanctions up to and including the revocation of the student's degree."

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Trump donor charged for obstructing investigation into unlawful donations

President Trump at an "Evangelicals for Trump" rally in Miami, Florida. Photo: Adam DelGiudice/Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Trump fundraiser Imaad Zuberi was charged Tuesday with obstructing a federal investigation into whether foreign nationals unlawfully donated to the president's inaugural ceremony, AP reports.

Catch up quick: Prosecutors say Zuberi deleted emails and backdated a $50,000 check to obstruct the investigation. The California investor contributed $900,000 to the president's inaugural committee in the months after his 2016 election and has also made large donations to Democrats, AP notes, including former President Obama's inaugural committee.

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All the Trump associates convicted or sentenced in the Mueller investigation

Graphic: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

Longtime Trump associate Roger Stone was sentenced to 4o months in prison for crimes that include obstruction of justice, lying to Congress and witness tampering.

Why it matters: Stone is the seventh person to be convicted and sentenced for crimes unearthed by former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. His case has been at the heart of ongoing tensions between President Trump and his Justice Department.

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Trump pays charities $2M to resolve foundation funds misuse lawsuit

Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images

President Trump has paid charities $2 million following a court-ordered judgment to settle a lawsuit alleging his foundation misused funds, New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement Tuesday.

Charities are not a means to an end, which is why these damages speak to the president’s abuse of power and represent a victory for not-for-profits that follow the law."
— Letitia James in a statement
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