Alayna Treene Mar 22, 2017
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This app is trying to build the world's largest art database

Ever wonder how much that painting in your office lobby or parents' living room is worth and where it came from? There's an app for that.

The Magnus app — dubbed the "Shazam of the Art World" — released a new version this week that lets you take a photo of a piece of artwork on your phone, and the app will pull up the artist's name, price, and history. It also gives you the option to sore the data and create your own digital collection.

CEO Magnus Resch, who privately funds the company, told Axios that the app uses visual search technology to immediately recognize over 8 million works in its growing database, and the company adds over 100,000 new images each month. The database is grown through crowdsourcing information, which is then processed and verified by the company before being made available on the app.