Trump with Xi and Melania at a state dinner in Beijing. Photo: Thomas Peter / Pool via AP

China reportedly signed $253.4 billion worth of deals with American companies during President Trump's state visit, per AP. The big-ticket items include agreements with Boeing and Qualcomm.

Between the lines: "Such contract signings are a fixture of visits to Beijing by foreign leaders and are intended to defuse foreign complaints about China's trade surpluses and market barriers," AP reports. But often these deals are already in the books and won't subtract from the U.S.'s trade deficit with China, which was $347 billion last year.

The deals include...

  • $83.7 billion in shale gas development projects
  • $43 billion for another gas project with Alaska
  • $37 billion for Boeing commercial jets
  • $12 billion for cellphone chips from Qualcomm
  • $11.7 billion for vehicles and parts from Ford and General Motors
  • $1.6 billion worth of soybeans

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Post-debate poll finds Biden strong on every major issue

Joe Biden speaks Friday about "The Biden Plan to Beat COVID-19," at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

This is one of the bigger signs of trouble for President Trump that we've seen in a poll: Of the final debate's seven topics, Joe Biden won or tied on all seven when viewers in a massive Axios-SurveyMonkey sample were asked who they trusted more to handle the issue.

Why it matters: In a time of unprecedented colliding crises for the nation, the polling considered Biden to be vastly more competent.

Bryan Walsh, author of Future
4 hours ago - Science

The murder hornets are here

A braver man than me holds a speciment of the Asian giant hornet. Photo: Karen Ducey/Getty Images

Entomologists in Washington state on Thursday discovered the first Asian giant hornet nest in the U.S.

Why it matters: You may know this insect species by its nom de guerre: "the murder hornet." While the threat they pose to humans has been overstated, the invading hornets could decimate local honeybee populations if they establish themselves.