The op-eds on Trump's DREAMers decision

Alex Brandon / AP

L.A. Times lead print headline, "Trump plans a reprieve for young immigrants: He's expected to keep DACA intact for half a year to let Congress work on replacement."

BuzzFeed's Ben Smith, "Why Does Trump Always Shoot The Hostages? The president prepares to throw DREAMers' lives into chaos, his political goals unknown": "[I]f Trump kills DACA to please his base he'll be getting the worst of both political worlds. He'll inflict real pain on hundreds of thousands of people to reassure his 30-some percent that he's with them. And politically speaking, he'll have given up a bargaining chip for nothing, and spent away a bit more of his political capital."

Leon Panetta (former SecDef, CIA director and White House chief of staff) op-ed in WashPost, "What about the 'dreamers' who serve us?":