Electric vehicles

Former head of GM's Maven to lead Bolt Mobility

Photo collage of CEO Julia Steyn and a Bolt scooter
Julia Steyn is the new CEO of scooter company Bolt Mobility (Images courtesy of Bolt)

Julia Steyn, who ran GM's urban car-sharing service, Maven, until early this year, has been named CEO of Bolt Mobility, a Miami Beach-based electric scooter company co-founded by Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

Why it matters: Bolt's co-founders B. Sarah Haynes and Kamyar Kaviani will step aside as co-CEOs to make room for Steyn, whose urban mobility experience is expected to help the 1-year-old company improve and refine its business model. Renting scooters today, Bolt had intended to add a shared electric car to its lineup in 2020, but the company now says it has scrapped that plan.

Modern cars are testing the limits of their computer hardware

illustration of a car looking like a circuit board
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

With more than 100 million lines of code in the modern car, advanced software features are testing the limits of the computer hardware under the hood. And it will only get worse: Electric, connected and automated cars will devour even more computing power in the future.

Why it matters: Automakers face an urgent need to redesign their vehicles' electronic architecture — essentially their brain and central nervous system — to handle the onslaught of advanced features that will one day allow cars to talk to each other and drive themselves.