Exclusive: Where skills anxiety is highest

Reproduced from Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey; Graphic: Axios Visuals

Nearly half of Americans think they need more education to move up in their careers, with younger, non-white and urban residents feeling a greater need for additional skills than their peers, according to the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey of 350,000 people to be released next week.

Between the lines: Whether people believe they need more education to advance their careers reflects the needs of the local labor market where they live. The tighter the job market, the higher the perceived need for more training.

  • In California, for example, 57% of workers without a college degree feel the need for more education. In North Dakota, only 32% feel this need.
  • People are more anxious about needing additional skills if they live in a state where a higher percentage of jobs require a bachelor's degree.
  • There's also a rural-urban divide: 53% of urban residents say they need additional education, compared to 43% of rural residents.

Noteworthy: Those who say they are likely to enroll in additional education within the next 5 years do not expect to do so at traditional post-secondary institutions. Adults without degrees say they'll look to employers, community colleges and trade schools.

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