Right-wing populists surge in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel returns on the stage at the headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union CDU in Berlin. Photo: Michael Sohn / AP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's election to a fourth term was marred by a bigger-than-expected success for her nationalist opponents — the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany, which own 13% of the vote, pulling it in at third place. Merkel's party now has its worst showing in the Bundestag since 1949, per CNN. The AfD capitalized on Germany's refugee crisis and will surge into the Bundestag as the first substantial rightwing populist party since the Nazis during the second world war, per the Financial Times (paywalled).

How we got here, via by Wall Street Journal's Marcus Walker in Berlin: "German Results Reflect European Unease Over Identity, Economy": "Germany's election result confirms the overriding trend of European politics in the past year: the crumbling of the Continent's established parties in the face of voter anxiety over economics and identity."