Updated Jul 16, 2019

Puerto Rico police fire tear gas at protesters of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló

Thousands march to the Capitol Building and governor's mansion Monday in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images

Puerto Rico riot police forced protesters back with tear gas and pepper spray outside Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's residence Monday evening, as they called for his resignation over leaked crude messages, the New York Times first reported.

Details: Thousands of people took part in the march in the capital for a 3rd day, per CBS News. Police commissioner Henry Escalera told reporters some demonstrators had thrown cobblestones, bottles and their own tear gas at officers during the 2.5-hour standoff, according to the NYT.

The big picture: Rosselló's leaked text messages with members of his administration revealed misogynistic, profane and homophobic comments, prompting 2 top officials to resign, the BBC notes. The conversation took place on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, per AP.

What he's saying: Rosselló said in a statement late Monday he respected the protests and was taking their message into account, according to AP.

"Unfortunately, despite responsible calls for peaceful demonstrations by many participants, a few others decided to damage public property and assault public officials who tried to preserve order and defend the security and rights of all."

This article has been updated with more details, including comment from Rosselló and police.

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Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announces resignation

Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced his resignation, effective Aug. 2, on Wednesday night — after days of massive protests calling for him to step down over a leaked messaging scandal, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Why it matters: Rosselló is the U.S. commonwealth's first governor to resign, per NBC News. Hours before he announced he was stepping down, an investigation, brought forth by Puerto Rico's House of Representatives into possible wrongdoing including corruption and conflicts of interest, revealed 5 impeachable offenses against him.

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Puerto Rico police use tear gas in bid to break up huge street protests

Police clash with protesters in front of the governor's mansion in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images

After a day of largely peaceful protests involving hundreds of thousands of people, Puerto Rico police used tear gas to try and disperse demonstrators from the streets of San Juan Monday night, Reuters reports.

Details: Protesters threw objects at police keeping the line between the governor’s mansion and those calling for Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to resign over leaked homophobic and sexist text messages, according to ABC News. Police said they deployed tear gas at 11 p.m. after several warnings to protesters to leave the area, per ABC.

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Puerto Rico governor says he will not seek re-election amid mass protests

Mass protests in Puerto Rico. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced Sunday that he will not seek re-election next year and will step down as president of the New Progressive Party, but stopped short of saying he will resign as governor before the end of his term.

Why it matters: Protestors took to the streets last week to demand Rosselló resign over leaked Telegram messages between the governor and his top aides that were reported to include misogynistic, profane and homophobic comments. Some of the messages were reported to have mocked victims of Hurricane Maria, a disaster over which Rosselló's administration has been criticized for mishandling.

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