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Officials to gather for AI and civil rights talk

Feb 8, 2024
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Illustration: Tiffany Herring/Axios

A major civil rights coalition will bring together congressional, regulatory and industry leaders Tuesday in D.C. to brainstorm how to tackle AI regulation and civil rights.

What's happening: The Leadership Conference Education Fund's Center for Civil Rights and Technology, created last year, is hosting its first major event.

  • Details of the public conference were first shared with Axios.

More than a dozen speakers will address AI and voting, AI and the workforce, defining ethical AI and other topics.

  • Speakers include Rep. Yvette Clarke, FTC commissioner Alvaro Bedoya and Mozilla public policy and government relations director Jenn Taylor Hodges.

Why it matters: The event is part of a concerted effort by the center to address the dangers of AI-fueled bias and discrimination.

What's next: In addition to convening power players, the center has plans for advocacy, public education and research.

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