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Watch: A conversation on the M&A frenzy in value-based and primary care

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Updated Oct 18, 2022

On Tuesday, October 18th, Axios Pro health tech reporter Sarah Pringle hosted a one-on-one conversation with Everside Health chief executive officer Chris Miller focused on the current health deal landscape, primary care disruption through technology and how his Denver-based company is looking to stand out from the rest of the tech-driven health care pack.

Chris Miller spoke about what the activity in the current health care deal landscape means for value-based care and the impacts of the rise in demand for virtual care delivery alongside in-person care during the pandemic. 

  • On what Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical means for value-based care: “We think the activity in this space is really good for Everside and frankly, good for patients across the United States. I think all of this brings a lot of attention to the results that can be driven through value-based care. So we think that Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical just continues to provide education for individuals, clients and people across the country about what can be produced through value-based care and how differentiated it is from fee for service.”
  • On the rise in hybrid care as a result of the pandemic: “Pre-pandemic, we had a single digit number of our visits were done virtually. At the height of the pandemic, I think we had as many as 72% of our visits were being done virtually. We think that’s going to level off somewhere between 25% and 30%, but that’s still a heck of a lot more than we were serving before the pandemic. And what that means is that individuals, specifically the types of patients that we serve, have gotten more comfortable with conducting their visits on their phones and seeing their doctors on their phones.”

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