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House passes compromise nuclear bill

Illustration of a question mark with a nuclear symbol as the dot on the bottom.

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

The House today passed a compromise ADVANCE Act nuclear licensing bill, inching it one step closer to President Biden's desk.

Why it matters: The final ADVANCE Act is a bipartisan set of policy tweaks aimed at making it easier to get advanced nuclear reactors onto the grid.

  • An effort is ongoing in the Senate to attach the bill to the FAA reauthorization.

Driving the news: The House's nuclear bill is attached to the Fire Grants and Safety Act, which passed 393-13 with one lawmaker voting present.

  • It's a legislative vehicle intended to make it easy for the Senate to move quickly.

Flashback: The ADVANCE Act's Senate sponsors first tried to tack the bill onto the NDAA last year.

  • But they were stymied by their House counterparts, who wanted to send their own version through committee first.
  • Since then, they've been able to negotiate a compromise that keeps some controversial language from the House bill and drops mine cleanup provisions from the Senate legislation.

Senate action is far from a sure thing, given the flurry of other legislative proposals lawmakers want to throw into the FAA mix.

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