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What to watch for at Climate Week NYC

Illustration of a magnifying glass examining the UN Climate Summit logo

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

The pandemic is "over," the Inflation Reduction Act is law, and hundreds of investors and policy folks are meeting in person this week in New York City and Anaheim to understand what it all means.

Why it matters: No matter where held, "any IRA conference session at any conference will be standing room only," says Activate Capital partner Jon Guerster, noting that everyone has to figure out how the climate bill will work in practice.

State of play: We keep hearing the same thing from our sources: Investors and entrepreneurs are hustling to figure out what the IRA means for their investments and their startups.

  • That includes reassurance from the market that the IRA will blunt or even reverse the impacts of a broader market downturn.
  • "Pre-IRA, we were seeing investors in this space take a step back while the macro environment stabilized," Sameer Reddy, managing partner at Energy Impact Partners, tells Axios. "The IRA has completely transformed the unit economics across so many segments of the climate space."

The intrigue: It won't just be the usual suspects mingling over drinks and networking sessions, especially with new investment fuel from the IRA.

  • "We are seeing a tremendous amount of interest in our network for generalists that are pivoting to climate opportunities," John Tough, managing partner of Energize Ventures, tells Axios.
  • Other experts we spoke with agreed. Activate's Guerster adds, "Get ready for a ton more Expensify reports."

What's happening: Climate Week NYC brings together the Big Thinkers in clean energy and climate tech.

  • It tends to draw plenty of investors, capital-seeking founders and policy folks. And no shortage of protesters. (It's a good week to take the subway.)

What we're watching: These sorts of big climate gatherings tend to bring new investment announcements from corporates. (RIP, my inbox.)

  • Energy security will remain a big topic as will the role of advanced nuclear energy, namely small modular reactors and fusion.
  • And, of course, eyes are on supply chain and labor bottlenecks.

Meanwhile: RE+, a giant clean-energy trade show, is kicking off in Anaheim, California.

  • Next week brings a Clean Energy Ministerial gathering in Pittsburgh — the Global Clean Energy Action Forum. And the UN General Assembly is under way through next Tuesday.

Plus: Our very own Andrew Freedman is moderating a Climate Week panel Wednesday on corporate responsibility, featuring execs from Allbirds, Project Drawdown and Seventh Generation.

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