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Group14 raises $400 million for silicon EV batteries

Alan Neuhauser
May 4, 2022
Illustration of EV chargers, wheels and money elements.

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

Group14 Technologies raised a $400 million Series C led by Porsche.

Why it matters: This is the second big announcement from a silicon battery materials manufacturer in as many days, and both plan to open factories in Washington state.

Details: OMERS Capital Markets, Riverstone Holdings, Vsquared Ventures, Moore Strategic Ventures, and Decarbonization Partners were among the investors who participated in the round.

  • Decarbonization Partners is a joint effort by BlackRock and Temasek.
  • Group14 will use the money to build a commercial-scale factory in Washington to supply silicon materials for EV batteries.

What's happening: Group14 has developed battery anode technology that uses silicon instead of graphite, enabling greater energy density in batteries.

  • This provides longer ranges for EVs and lighter-weight batteries for electric aviation.
  • The silicon material also enables much faster charging, Group14 CEO Rick Luebbe tells Axios.

What's next: A big leap in manufacturing scale, from 10 tons to 1,000 tons per month, Luebbe says.

  • Group14 last year opened its first battery active materials factory in Washington, where it's churning out silicon material for consumer electronics like earbuds and smart watches.
  • Its new factory in Washington will be vastly larger in scale to support multiple EV programs.
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