Sep 30, 2019

Podcast: Unicorns of the IPO apocalypse

Dan digs into the recent IPO troubles for high-valued tech companies, and what the future holds, with Axios Markets editor Dion Rabouin.

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The unicorn myth exposed

Illustration: Aida Amer/Axios

A huge shift in American business was overshadowed amid impeachment last week: Investors are rethinking hot startups with frothy valuations and putting discipline (and reality) above the myth of the almighty and all-knowing founder.

The big picture: The market is now bringing private valuations around to reality, as skittish Wall Street investors have been punishing billion-dollar-plus initial public offerings with questionable balance sheets or paths to profitability.

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Podcast: The rent is too damn high

California just passed a major rent control law, and Bernie Sanders is talking about a plan that could affect nearly 40 million Americans. Dan digs in with Axios' Kim Hart.

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Keep ReadingArrowOct 10, 2019

Podcast: The Senate is Trump's big red wall

The House is likely to impeach President Trump, but the GOP-controlled Senate stands in the way of actual removal. Dan digs in with Axios CEO Jim VandeHei.

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