Personalized cancer vaccines show strong anti-tumor response

Metastatic melanoma cells Photo: Julio C. Valencia / NCI Center for Cancer Research

For the first time, scientists showed that personal vaccines targeting existing cancer tumors are feasible and safe in humans, via two separate, small clinical studies published Wednesday in Nature (here and here).

In fact, both studies reported that around 60% of their patients with advanced-stage melanoma were tumor-free for 12 to 32 months after receiving their personalized vaccine regimen. And, all of the patients showed some level of T-cell immune response — usually a strong level — after the vaccinations, meaning that, at the very least, the shots appear to jumpstart the immune system.

"Finally. The war against cancer really started 40 years ago but we have just started being smarter" on tackling it, Siwen Hu-Lieskovan, UCLA oncologist who was not part of these studies, told Axios. "Instead of trying to burn, poison or cut [the cancer] out, we've become smarter. We can utilize the patient's own immune system as a weapon against cancer."