Good morning — all set for President Trump's speech to Congress tonight? We know he's going to talk about Obamacare repeal, but now he has to satisfy two very different Republican audiences: governors who don't want anyone to lose coverage, and conservatives who don't want to create a "new entitlement."

Meantime, Cory Booker is going to have a chance to work with Bernie Sanders on drug prices — and get back in the good graces of progressive Democrats again.

What we're watching today: Trump's speech to Congress, 9:10 pm Eastern.

What we're watching this week: Senate Finance Committee confirmation vote on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services nominee Seema Verma, Wednesday; House Energy and Commerce health subcommittee hearing on reauthorizing the Food and Drug Administration's generic drug and biosimilar user fee programs, Thursday; MedPAC discusses Medicare premium support, Friday.

Peace out. (Haven't used that one yet.)