Happy Monday ... We're bringing you a look at how an Obamacare marketplace meltdown might actually look, and we'll help you keep track of all of the political risks Republicans are taking with Trumpcare. Meantime, get ready for Seema Verma's confirmation vote tonight — and maybe the Congressional Budget Office estimates for Trumpcare, which could set off a new political firestorm and some really boring Twitter fights.

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What we're watching this week: CBO score for the Obamacare replacement bill, today or Tuesday. Also: Senate confirmation vote for Seema Verma, today, 5:30 pm Eastern; House Budget Committee marks up the budget "reconciliation" package tying together the repeal bills, Wednesday.

What we'll watch this week as long as we can mute Wolf Blitzer: CNN town hall with Tom Price, Wednesday.

What we're watching next week: House vote on the Obamacare replacement package.

Thanks for reading, and don't be shy, especially if you're Wolf Blitzer: