Happy markup day! We're about to start a nice, long day of Obamacare repeal action in two House committees — and no guarantee we'll be done by the end of the day. Plus, it looks like conservative support for the bill is collapsing. So sit back and watch the Republicans fight it out. Also, the Democrats will be there.

What we're watching today: House Ways and Means Committee and Energy and Commerce Committee markups of the the Obamacare repeal bills, both at 10:30 am Eastern. Ways and Means livestream here, Energy and Commerce livestream here. Trump meets with conservative leaders on health care at 5:05 pm, per the White House. He also meets with Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings at 2:30 pm — drug prices are likely to come up.

What we're watching this week: Senate confirmation vote for Seema Verma, likely Friday.

What we're watching next week: House Budget Committee is expected to mark up the budget "reconciliation" package tying together the repeal bills, assuming Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce approve them.

Hang in there and let me know what we've missed: