🚨 Breaking news: Axios and HBO have inked a deal for a second season! Broken into 8 half-hour episodes β€” 4 this spring and 4 this fall β€” AXIOS will cover the big trends, people and ideas shaping the next decade.

  • Bonus:  HBO will also air 4 shorter, interview-driven specials designed to move with the pulse of the news.
  • Why it matters: Our mission has been, and always will be, to help you, our readers, get smarter faster on the topics that matter most. We do that in our newsletters, on our news stream, social platforms, podcast and now, once again, on HBO.
  • Tweet @Axios your ideas for content and interviewees and stay tuned for more details.


Kendall "Has sailed around a pond" Baker

Trivia answer: Jose Bautista (976)

Editor's note: Yesterday I called Steve Alford "Steve Altman." To make up for it, here is the most 80s video ever. Sorry, Steve.