Dec 15, 2017

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen
1 big thing: tax cuts will pass

Surprise, tax cuts are on the way.

Marco Rubio and Bob Corker endorsed the bill today, leaving it without any vocal Republican opposition and on track to be on President Trump's desk before Christmas.

  • Why Rubio got on board: The final deal will allow families with no income tax liability to receive $1,400 of the $2,000 child tax credit.
  • "We have not seen text but I think it is fair to say the working families will get more tax relief in the final bill," said Conn Carroll, a spokesman for Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT).

We'll let you know if there's any surprises from the final bill language, expected around 5:30 pm EST.

2. What you missed
  1. The Western Wall in East Jerusalem will remain part of Israel in any future peace agreement with the Palestinians, a senior White House official told reporters today. More.
  2. There's now a urine test to identify tuberculosis cases, developed by George Mason University researchers. Details.
  3. Two new Facebook features: 1) "Snooze," which lets you mute a friend for a month; and 2) "Take a break," which lets you hide stuff from your ex.
  4. And a Facebook admission: Social media can have negative (or positive) effects on people, depending on how they use it. Their wording.
  5. Michigan entrepreneur Ann Marie Sastry has left Dyson, two years after it acquired her controverial lithium-ion battery company, Axios has learned. The scoop.
3. 1 fun thing
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